Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse Briefing
MACC has produced a briefing for voluntary and community sector organisations on the issues around in the city. This includes
• Summary of the policy approach
• Key statutory and voluntary sector contacts
• What your organisation can do to contribute
• Useful resources

Previous work
In 2009, the Health and Wellbeing Network produced a position paper on the issues around alcohol and health in Manchester. This included comments on the apparent lack of progress in delivering the Manchester Alcohol Strategy. These comments, where they are still relevant have been incorporated into the new briefing paper.

The original position paper was circulated to the Drug & Alcohol Action Team who welcomed our offer to work with them to increase the contribution (and profile) of the voluntary sector around these issues. We held discussions with Manchester PCT Public Health Development Service to respond to issues raised in the paper, focusing on the tone and style of health promotion/social marketing material and how to make this more accessible across Manchester’s diverse communities.

A draft of the second Manchester Alcohol Strategy (2008-2011) was also released for consultation and addressed some of the issues raised in the paper. We built on this by giving additional feedback on the draft strategy and added new information and perspectives where possible.

The revised Alcohol Strategy for Manchester (2008-2011) was launched on 29th September 2008. It is organised around the themes of : Prevention, Treatment, Young People & Enforcement. Each theme has an accompanying action plan.

Link: Manchester Public Health Development Service - Alcohol news page