legup.social digital mentoring event

Legup.social is a collaborative effort by the digital community to help small businesses, charities and social enterprises with digital. We provide an environment for people to share their skills with each other and learn from each other. No one gets paid this is about design/digital community opening to people who would like the get some advice and help from professionals.

The event is not a networking event, is an event for the support of new, small businesses and individuals who would like to gain new skills, learn. Based on paired mentors (people from the digital industry) with mentees (anyone who wants help getting better at digital).

To read more about our event please visit our website:

We are happy to announce that Legup.Social will be having its first Manchester based event on the 2nd October at 18:00 in Federation. We are looking for mentees who would want to participate and get help from digital professionals.

If you are interested, know someone that would be, or could spread the word about the event to other people, please let me know by replying to [email protected] or calling our legup.social line 0161 818 8740.