Postcode Community Trust Community Sports programme

The Community Sports programme allows not-for-profit sports groups to apply for set packages of goods, which are then distributed to successful applicants. Postcode Community Trust Community Sports Programme

This round invites applications from charities and community groups who wish to establish sports teams specifically for those with mental health difficulties. This may cover a variety of illnesses such as depression, anxiety, dementia and/or alzheimers, post-traumatic stress disorder and other recognised conditions - though this is by no means an exhaustive list.

The link between mental and physical wellbeing is well documented, with both at the core Postcode Community Trust's focus in 2017.

Specific packages available within this round will include:
• Football (including 11s and 6-a-side)
• Rugby
• Netball
• Basketball
• Cricket
• Bowls (including crown green and flat bowls)

The Community Sports Programme provides kit and equipment to community sporting groups in Scotland, England and Wales, for goods between £100 to £2,000 in value.

Funding is offered for projects of up to 12 months in length that positively impact their local community. Projects that are creative, far-reaching and will leave a long-term impact once completed stand the best chance of being successful. This can be evidenced in your application by detailing how the equipment/ resources will be used.

Applications are especially welcome for projects that are focused on improving life for disadvantaged groups and encouraging their inclusion within sporting activities.
• Replacement of worn-out equipment and kits
• A bank of new kits and equipment to support the launch of a new sports project
• New kit and equipment which will expand capacity to meet demand for activities
• Kit and equipment which will promote the inclusion of the disadvantaged or minorities within sports

For further information and to apply, visit:, or contact 0131 555 7287, or email:

Deadline: Wednesday 1 March 2017